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Docker container for ChatGPT CLI
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The purpose of AI

Unmet Dependencies in Docusaurus v. 2.0.0-beta.18

After a Yarn upgrade, I broke my Docusaurus instance due to unmet peer dependencies.

In this blog article, I explain how I managed to resolve the problem:

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Picture by Chris Hayes, a.k.a. cbhworld, under CC BY-SA 3.0 License.
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Modify The Welcome Text In GNU Social

Mastodon, Friendica, Pleroma, and GNU Social. These are all great F/OSS applications to stay tuned on federated social networks.

I am personally running a GNU Social instance for my digital company: GlobalTech Translations.

In this blog article, you will learn how to customize the welcome text on your Qvitter interface in GNU Social.

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Picture by Ernesto Bazzano under CC BY 3.0 License.
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Is it right to left or left to right? RTL vs. LTR

It all began when I attended a webinar about the role of pictures in intercultural communication some weeks ago. The speaker, who was using a Japanese brochure to illustrate an example of non-Latin scripts, started talking about RTL languages and confusing both directions, which in fact are opposite to each other.

During five minutes that seemed like an eternity, our speaker kept using the acronym RTL to refer to a Right-to-Left layout while erroneously telling the audience that RTL was an acronym for Left-to-Right.

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Picture by the “Electronic Frontier Foundation” under CC BY 2.0 license:

A short introduction to federated networks and the Fediverse

My first encounter with federated networks was through Diaspora. At the time, I was already aware of the harm caused by centralized, monopolistic platforms, both in terms of privacy and of power abuse.

I had just shut down the Face*k account I was using during the Arab Spring, and started embedding the FSF logo “You won't find me on Face*k” in all my blog posts. My Diaspora account was hosted on an independently run server, a pod in Diaspora's terminology.

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